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    Situated in a cultural district, in the very centre of Vilnius Old Town, “Dysnos Avenue Apartaments” has seven unique, newly furnished rooms. The Old Town is an ideal choice for travellers interested in churches, history and architecture. The personnel of “Dysnos Avenue Apartaments” will provide you with information about ongoing events, most visited landmarks, museums and other. Our team has a qualified guide, who speaks seven languages. If necessary, for an additional fee, we can organise tours in locations of interest.

    In the historical Jewish quarter of Vilnius Old Town “Dysnos Avenue Apartaments” is an example of a unique concept of Lithuanian design. “Dysnos Avenue Apartaments” has seven guest rooms and each of them is a unique studio, that reveals the features of Lithuanian design. Motifs of different ethnocultural regions of Lithuania combined with modern design solutions make each apartment unique in its own way. The interior links Lithuanian traditions with contemporary design. The feeling of different time periods and themes allows to relive history and to pass on its legacy to those, who appreciate it.

    Each apartment stands out with its unique shape and design. Every apartment consists of sleeping, resting, kitchen and luxurious bathroom areas. Uniqueness is created by creative design solutions. An example of this would be placing architectural decoration elements inside the interior of the apartaments. Bed headboards are made to stand out using the motifs of traditional Lithuanian window frames and fences. Bathroom tiles are laid out on the basis of structural elements of homes from Lithuanian ethnographic regions. Tile textures resemble wooden boards – the most widely used construction and decoration material in Lithuanian architecture.

    Modern and contemporary bathroom facilities create a feeling of luxury and cleanliness. All spaces inside the apartments contain plenty of architectural, textile and interior decoration solutions. The palette of colours and ornamentation is determined by the geographical location of the ethnographic region and the most pronounced features of the region’s people. In Lithuanian cottages, a lot of attention was paid to textiles. For this reason, motifs of folk bands and aprons can be seen in the interior of the apartments.

    Graphic elements, visible on the walls and the furniture, decorate and complete the overall interior. Sculptural and playful furniture frames, warm and cosy materials are matched by accent colours. Inside the interior, wooden elements appear in various shapes and forms – openwork walls, arch form constructions, strict shape furniture, ancient door interpretations. Velour surfaces make the rooms cosier and add a taste of luxury.

    Original light fixtures based on national folk motifs and manufacturing principals. An example of this is hanging light fixtures, based on straw “garden” motifs. Elements like these protect and immortalise historical memory. On the other hand, modern solutions that reflect contemporary tendencies are also implemented. The result of these combinations – an interior, that is enriched by various details, emphasises and harmonises two time periods into one.

    A closed off private yard and a spot for your car (for an extra fee). The neighbourhood is inhabited by respectable neighbours, therefore we ask you to respect those around you and not to make too much noise. It is not allowed to smoke in these newly furnished apartments. If there is a need, you can do so in the alley near the yard (smoking area) or you could pay a visit to our partners “Cigarų Namai” (“House of Cigars”) that are located in the same part of the building. It is a practical and convenient place for your visit.

    Dysnos Avenue Apartments Dysnos Avenue Apartments Dysnos Avenue Apartments