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  • 7th apartment:

    The seventh apartment is a reflection of Aukštaitija’s national folk motifs. Right as you step into the apartment your eye is caught by the unique wallpaper, visually expanding the room and separating the bedroom area. The wallpaper graphic was based on the checkered patterns, that are predominate in Aukštaitija’s textile. Colours that are characteristic to the region of Aukštaitija – red, white and green, are used in the design of the interior. The foundation of this region’s textile decoration elements – red geometric ornaments. These elements were abundantly used to decorate Aukštaitija’s folk attire aprons and sleeves. The aforementioned motif is used to decorate the wardrobe. Tastefully matched bathroom tiles and contrast surfaces the door manufacture principle, typical to region of Aukštaitija, when rhombus motifs are accentuated. Wood imitation tiles – yet another allusion to the ethnographic heritage. Apartment size – 21 m².

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    The interior of the first apartment is a combination of national folk motifs from every Lithuanian ethnographic region, it‘s like a reflection Lithuania‘s essence. Every region has its Own cultural heritage, but certain elements are common to all of them. The main visual element in this apartment is a spatial wallpaper based on the motifs of the Bernardine Church‘s roof, which makes the room seem larger. Special attention was paid to the headboard of the bed, the design of which was dictated by shutter fragments from the region of Aukštaitija. The embossed surface of dark oak is matched with soft velour. Shutter décor elements are repeated on the commode, standing next to a wall decorated with bands. Band motif becomes a reoccurring element of this room. Colourful décor elements of the bands decorate the façade panels of the wardrobe. It’s like the continuation of old traditions, when the colourfulness and beauty of a typical hut were created by ornaments painted on wardrobes and chests. Bathroom accent – shower walls that are based on door décor elements from the region of Žemaitija. Neutral earthly colours dominate in this apartment and are matched with surfaces of various materials. Apartment size – 26 m².